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The Ultimate Glazing Solution for Windows and Doors.

Wexford Viking Glass are pleased to announce the addition of Integral Venetian Blinds to its range of products.

Safety and cleanliness are a critical element in any home or commercial environment. Integral window and door blinds are sealed within an airtight environment, immune to dust, moisture and abuse. They are easy to operate by a simple magnetic slider (no hanging cords) that allows for maximum light, shading or complete privacy as required.

By controlling the diffusion of natural light, blinds help to reduce the effect of bright Sunlight, yet allow natural light and heat in, thus improving a rooms year-round functionality and avoiding an over-reliance on air conditioning or artificial light.

Integral blinds do not interfere with the operation of windows, sliding patio or bi-folding doors; they stay clean, are fully controllable and, critically, cannot be damaged.

Integral blinds are an ideal refurbishment solution for windows, internal vision panels and doors. They are easy to operate with no compromise on safety or hygiene.

With no hanging cords or exposed slats to attract dust, integral blinds are suitable for all types of domestic, commercial, educational, and medical buildings with minimal maintenance.

OptEblind is available in 18 different colours and will fit into most PVC, Timber and Aluminium window and door frames.

The blind can be encapsulated Energy Efficient double-glazed units such as OptEblind if required, or alternatively encapsulated between two panes of low-iron glass which is exceptionally clearer that traditional float glass.

All OptEblind are manufactured in accordance with international standard EN1279 and are toughened in accordance with EN12150 ensuring Energy Efficiency and Safety is not compromised.

OptEblind is Safe, Hygienic, Energy Efficient and Unobtrusive. They can be operated both manually or electrically depending on your requirements.

OptEblind is available from most leading window companies or directly from Wexford Viking Glass Ltd
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No Compromise with Safety or Hygiene!